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Allister Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener in Villa ParkThe manufacturer of Allister garage door opener systems is Nortek, formerly called Linear. Allister is one of the major brands of the manufacturer and this company specializes in the production of security devices, but its range includes electric operators and other appliances as well. It has been in the business for over 50 years now.

The unique thing about the opener systems of the brand is their components are available separately. This allows customers to combine compatible components in line with their needs, requirements, and preferences. Most of the motor units of the brand are compatible with both chain drives and belt drives. There are models with a single lamp and ones with two lamps.

Traditional AC Motor Units and DC Units

There is a choice between traditional AC motor units and DC ones. The latter are equipped with specially designed inverter. The DC motors offer quieter performance, allow for faster, and smoother operation of the entire opener. Moreover, they are more compact than their counterparts as well. AC motors, on the other hand, have a longer life expectancy.

Customers can select between chain drive and belt drive T-rails of various sizes. All T-rails of the brand are made from rolled steel which has high strength. The Allister chain drive systems are strong, long-wearing, while belt drive systems are very quiet. They are based on the same principle of operation, however.

Since the manufacturer is a specialist in security devices, all transmitters and receivers of the brand are based on advanced digital technologies. These technologies provide more effective and secure operation. The complete kit of the bran includes two remote control units. Remotes and wall-mounted control panels are available separately as well.

Battery backup unit can be added to an Allister garage door opener to enable its operation during periods of AC power loss.

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