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Garage Door Springs

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When crime rates increase, the need for a strong and completely reliable garage door is necessary more than ever for two basic reasons:Garage Door Springs

  •     Garage doors that are not well maintained can be vulnerable and provide easy access to burglars. Intruders are fully aware of that and they will take advantage of half open garage doors or even a small gap between the door and the floor to gain access into your garage and, thus, your house.
  •     You will not be able to park your car inside the garage and, thus, you will be forced to leave it outside exposed to people, who would easily steal it. Car theft is rising lately since thieves have the means to open vehicles easily.

Broken garage door springs means your door will not be able to work properly or at all

Springs counterbalance the weight of the door in order to be lifted and if they break the cables will not be able to pull the heavy load of the door or they will break as well quickly. It would actually be a small disaster, if you haven’t the opportunity to call the professional experts of Garage Door Springs Villa Park.

We are an enthusiastic team with amazing skills and a wealth of experience. There is no doubt that our garage door repair services deliver solutions and ensure excellent operation. The main concern of our notable company is providing safety for all clients and this is achievable thanks to the fast response and thoroughness of the technical team during services. We listen to the needs of customers, inspect garage doors perfectly, maintain them meticulously, benefit and verify the movement of the door is completed with precision. By offering emergency same day service, we solve imminent problems but also promise excellent preventive services. Exceptional technicians, provide great opener services, and utilize their vast knowledge to the benefit of clients.

Springs are distinguished in torsion and extension springs depending on the weight of your door. Most houses, which have lightweight doors, use extension springs while heavy doors, which are usually installed in commercial establishments, require torsion springs. Regardless of the type or brand of your springs, we can fix any problem related to them.

It is vital to remember that springs are wounded with high tension in order to function properly. If you try to dismantle them and bring them down in order to fix some other component parts, you might get hurt. If you attempt to repair or replace them yourself in case they are damaged, you might get seriously injured. The release of the high tension may cause springs to snap and if you don’t know how to handle them, the injuries might also be fatal. Therefore, you must always call for professional assistance. It’s better to fit the expense in your monthly family budget rather than paying doctors and hospitals. After all, the garage door spring repair cost will not empty your pocket.

Our expert technicians have a long experience and training on the repair and replacement of springs and, as a consequence, they will do the job with precision and safety. Sometimes, springs cannot be repaired. If one of them breaks, you will probably have to replace them both since they usually come out in pairs. This is vital for the good performance of the door because the old and the new spring will not have the same power and, thus, the door will go up and down unevenly.

The technicians, at Garage Door Springs Villa Park, are experts in springs repair and replacements. We will make sure that you will never have to experience a disastrous situation ever again.

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