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Read the following answers and solve all doubts concerning your garage doors and their problems

Can a lightening damage my garage door opener?

Unfortunately, it can. It can cause serious damage to the electronics of the transmitter and in rare cases to the electronics of the receiver. No matter which device gets damaged, it will most certainly require replacement. The best way to avoid trouble is to keep the transmitter inside.

What causes my garage door to move slowly?

The problem most likely lies with the garage door torsion spring. This is the opinion of our experts in Villa Park. It must be too tight. It has to be loosened up a bit, but not too much as this may result in slamming and possibly an accident.

What should I do if my door would not close?

First of all, do not try to force it since you might get into an accident. Carefully inspect if there are objects blocking the moving parts and try to remove them, if any. Otherwise, try restarting the system because it might just be a mechanical failure in the motor.

How do you test the functionality of your garage door remote?

If your garage door remote is not working right, the garage door repair technicians in Villa Park suggest that you check its functionality by resetting the system. In case that does not resolve the problem, you might need a replacement.

What should I do in case of bent tracks?

The bent tracks are one main reason for the garage door becoming noisy all of a sudden. The door rattles as it moves up or down. Lubricating the tracks and bearings will reduce the noise. According to experts at Garage door Repair Villa Park, lithium based lubricant should be used for better grip.

What do I do if the spring is broken?

Broken garage door springs must be replaced as soon as possible because the door won't move without them. It might also be dangerous and our experts recommend avoiding closing the door or you might cause damage to the panel. You must also avoid standing close by and if the door remains open, put c-clamps to avoid possible accidents.

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