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Great tips! Learn how to select new garage doors and why it's best to stay away from garage door repairs

Protect rubber and plastic parts from the sun

Make sure that the rubber and plastic garage door parts are not exposed to direct sunlight as it is quite damaging for them. If necessary, install glass panels or windows which reduce the UV radiation. The professionals from garage door repair company in Villa Park recommend the regular inspection of these parts.

Carefully inspect a malfunctioning keypad

Check the buttons to confirm that none of them has got stuck inside. If it has, use a thin flat tool to take it out. Inspect the wiring for obvious signs of damage. Ensure that the keypad has enough power. Timely repair or replacement is required so that security is not compromised.

Get the garage door checked

In case someone backed into the garage door, it is ideal to get the door inspected even when it appears to be working fine. In such cases, the operating system should be checked to make sure that it is not damaged. Also broken panels need to be replaced or misaligned tracks need to be repaired.

Keeping spares handy

Your wall mounted control and your garage door remote require batteries to operate. Having to manually open the door just because you don't have a spare battery is such an inconvenient experience especially if you're late for work or if it is raining. It's best to have a couple spares in your garage and your glove compartment ready for when the old batteries are spent.

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